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Makosch: a boutique foreign exchange consultancy which provides an advisory service to corporate and private clients worldwide

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What We Do

Makosch brings clarity
to the opaque world of foreign exchange.

By combining our consultancy model with our unrivalled broker network, we help corporate and private clients make the best decisions about FX. Since our inception in 2014 we have helped our clients trade over £10bn, reducing costs by matching their needs with the right provider.

Makosch was established in 2014 by Guy Tompkin, the firm’s managing director. Today, the business works with a global network of FX providers, and has operations in London, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York & Cape Town. In ten years Makosch has delivered transactions in excess of £16bn, by enabling clients to improve their foreign exchange strategy.

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We work with organisations to establish their exact position. Then we improve it.


It’s not just businesses that can benefit from our expertise. We advise individuals too.


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FX Service Providers

Makosch works with a series of trusted providers, representing some of best known foreign exchange brokerages globally.

Each provider has been selected for their ability to match specific requirements for our clients. We understand how each of them works, so that you don’t have to.

Our broker network spans five continents, so you can be sure that we can match your needs with the right provider, wherever you are based.

Currency Audit

Foreign exchange is not just about pricing. It’s about strategy and experience.

What seems like a good rate today usually turns into a bad service tomorrow. In our experience, 97% of organisations could save a significant amount of money.

That’s why we always start with our currency audit. Using our proprietary approach, we analyse your past trades, quickly understanding your broker’s trading strategy.

With this no obligation service, we bring transparency to your current arrangement. In the majority of cases, we can improve it.

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